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Your home is supposed to be your place of rest,  your place to kick back and unwind at the end of a long day at work, and most importantly your home is supposed to be your safe haven for you and your family.  Now imagine you coming home at the end of a long day of work or your kids coming home after school only to find the front door kicked in or a back window smashed for an intruder to gain entry and have access to all of you valuable assets, and your personal belongings. Or imagine coming home only to find that your home has been burned down and you have lost all of your belongings and sentimental items.  The sad reality is that anyone can be a victim of a crime or a house fire.  At Protech Security of Mississippi we use a 2GIG security system that is powered by This state of the art system will monitor your home for intruders, monitor your home for smoke and rise in temperature to alert the monitoring station of a fire, and is capable for home automation as well.  All of this can be controlled and notify you of any activity using any smart phone.  Our system is completely customizable and modular to fit within any budget.  Call us today at 601-776-8324 to set up an appointment to get a free quote or click on the "Get a free quote" link to have us contact you.